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Títulos: Hypoxia and the cardiovascular response to dynamic knee-extensor exercise
Autores/as: Koskolou, Maria D.
Calbet, José A.L. 
Radegran, Goran
Roach, Robert C.
Clasificación UNESCO: 241106 Fisiología del ejercicio
Palabras clave: Hypoxia
Cardiac output
Blood flow
Fecha de publicación: 1997
Resumen: Hypoxia affects O2 transport and aerobic exercise capacity. In two previous studies, conflicting results have been reported regarding whether O2 delivery to the muscle is increased with hypoxia or whether there is a more efficient O2 extraction to allow for compensation of the decreased O2 availability at submaximal and maximal exercise. To reconcile this discrepancy, we measured limb blood flow (LBF), cardiac output, and O2 uptake during two-legged knee-extensor exercise in eight healthy young men. They completed studies at rest, at two submaximal workloads, and at peak effort under normoxia (inspired O2 fraction 0.21) and two levels of hypoxia (inspired O2 fractions 0.16 and 0.11). During submaximal exercise, LBF increased in hypoxia and compensated for the decrement in arterial O2 content. At peak effort, however, our subjects did not achieve a higher cardiac output or LBF. Thus O2 delivery was not maintained and peak power output and leg O2 uptake were reduced proportionately. These data are consistent then with the findings of an increased LBF to compensate for hypoxemia at submaximal exercise, but no such increase occurs at peak effort despite substantial cardiac capacity for an elevation in LBF.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10553/6518
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