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Títulos: CoolBOT: a component-oriented programming framework for robotics
Autores/as: Domínguez-Brito, Antonio C. 
Director/a de tesis doctoral: Cabrera Gámez, Jorge
Hernández Tejera, Francisco Mario
Clasificación UNESCO: 1203 Ciencia de los ordenadores
3304 Tecnología de los ordenadores
120703 Cibernética
Palabras clave: Robótica
Componentes Software
Integración de Sistemas
Ingeniería del Software
Fecha de publicación: 2003
Resumen: Programming software for controlling robotic systems in order to built working systems that perform adequately according to their design requirements remains being a task that requires an important development effort. Currently, there are no clear programming paradigms for programming robotic systems, and the programming techniques which are of common use today are not adequate to deal with the complexity associated with these systems. The work presented in this document describes a programming tool, concretely a framework, that must be considered as a first step to devise a tool for dealing with the complexity present in robotics systems. In this framework the software that controls a system is viewed as a dynamic network of units of execution inter-connected by means of data paths. Each one of these units of execution, called a component, is a port automaton which provides a given functionality, hidden behind an external interface specifying clearly which data it needs and which data it produces. Components, once defined and built, may be instantiated, integrated and used as many times as needed in other systems. The framework provides the infrastructure necessary to support this concept for components and the inter communication between them by means of data paths (port connections) which can be established and de-established dynamically. Moreover, and considering that the more robust components that conform a system are, the more robust the system is, the framework provides the necessary infrastructure to control and monitor the components than integrate a system at any given instant of time.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10553/5013
ISBN: 978-84-694-3826-8
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