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Títulos: Ozone therapy protects against rejection in a lung transplantation model: a new treatment?
Autores/as: Santana Rodríguez, Norberto 
Llontop Santisteban, Pedro Rolando
Clavo Varas, Bernardino 
Fiuza Pérez, Mª Dolores 
Zerecero Ramírez, Keila Eliam
Ayub, Adil
Alshehri, Khalid
Yordi, Nagib A.
Re, Lamberto
Raad, Wissam
Fernandez-Perez, Leandro 
García Herrera, Ricardo Alfonso
Huang, Chyun-Yin J.
Bhora, Faiz Y.
Clasificación UNESCO: 32 Ciencias médicas
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Revistas: Annals of Thoracic Surgery 
Resumen: Background. No satisfactory treatment exists for chronic rejection (CR) after lung transplantation (LT). Our objective was to assess whether ozone (O-3) treatment could ameliorate CR. methods. male sprague-dawley inbred rats (n = 36) were randomly assigned into four groups: (1) control (n = 6), (2) sham (n = 6), (3) LT (n = 12), and (4) o-3-lt (n = 12). Animals underwent left LT. O-3 was rectally administered daily for 2 weeks before LT (from 20 to 50 mu g) and 3 times/wk (50 mu g/dose) up to 3 months. CR; acute rejection; and Hspb27, Prdx, Epas1, Gpx3, Vegfa, Sftpa1, Sftpb, Plvap, Klf2, Cldn5, Thbd, Dsip, Fmo2, and Sepp1 mRNA gene expression were determined. Results. Severe CR was observed in all animals of LT group, but none of the O3-LT animals showed signs of CR, just a mild acute rejection was observed in 1 animal. A significant decrease of Hspb27, Prdx, Epas1, Gpx3, Vegfa, Sftpa1, Sftpb, Plvap, Klf2, Cldn5, Thbd, Dsip, and Fmo2 gene expression in the O-3-LT group was observed Conclusions. O-3 therapy significantly delayed the onset of CR regulating the expression of genes involved in its pathogenesis. No known immunosuppressive therapy has been capable of achieving similar results. From a translational point of view, O-3 therapy could become a new adjuvant treatment for CR in patients undergoing LT.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10553/35689
ISSN: 0003-4975
DOI: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2017.02.054
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